Our Technology

Unmatched ASIC, DSP, and SoC IP

Demand is continually growing for reliable, high performing wireless communication solutions for a broadening spectrum of technological applications. LN2 provides silicon IP solutions with tamed complexity that takes physical communication layer performance to the next level and meet the most stringent specification requirements.

LN2 has developed advanced intellectual property, fully supported by an extensive and evolving patent portfolio, with broad applicability to diverse areas of communications, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), digital broadcasting (DAB+/DMB, HD Radio) and DSRC (V2V/V2X), as well as magneto-optical storage applications.

LN2’s solutions achieve significant improvements in receiver sensitivity, typically by several decibels (dBs). This enables significantly enhanced coverage area, data rates, and when applicable improved latency and battery consumption, for communications and broadcast applications, or increased storage density and/or prolonged media readability for magneto-optical storage applications.

LN2 products include modem receivers, or parts of modem receivers that contribute most to the performance gains, in the form of soft IP (netlist for ASIC – customer designated technology) and FPGA proven hard IP. These designs are fully verified by means of uniform verification methods and conform to the industry standard formal verification rules.

Sample White Papers:

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Advanced iterative receivers for communications and broadcast applications

Most advanced Reed-Solomon and BCH decoder in the art

Advanced read channel receivers for magneto-optical storage applications