McLean, Virginia (November 10, 2016) – – Branimir Vojcic, LN2’s CEO and CTO, delivered a speech entitled “Advanced DAB/DAB+ Receivers- Gains and Impacts” on Day 2 Session 5 of the WorldDAB General Assembly in Vienna, Austria on November 10, 2016. Addressing radio policy makers, broadcasters, industry representatives, and fellow digital radio technologist30892586421_36fd424d36_os and enthusiasts, Dr. Vojcic discussed the digital radio performance gains achievable by advanced DAB/DAB+ Receivers. In particular, Dr. Vojcic described how to achieve these performance improvements in receiver sensitivity, coverage, and listener satisfaction, while at the same time achieving reduced broadcast infrastructure expenses and optionally increased throughput. Dr. Vojcic envisioned that incorporating Advanced DAB/DAB+ Receivers into digital radio enabled products will lead to the accelerated adoption of digital radio.

Photo Credit: WorldDAB

For a pdf of Dr. Vojcic’s presentation, please click on LN2-Advanced DAB:DAB+ Receivers.