McLean, Virginia (November 09, 2016) – –  LN2 debuted its Advanced DAB/DAB+ Receiver hardware and software demo at the 2016 WorldDAB General Assembly in Vienna, Austria. LN2’s Advanced DAB/DAB+ Receiver baseband modules provide significant receiver sensitivity gains, resulting in improved coverage and quality of service. Specifically, LN2’s Advanced DAB and DAB+ Receivers provide performance gains in additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) of 3.25 dB and 2 dB relative to the reference conventional DAB and DAB+ receivers, respectively. The performance gains in practical multipath fading channels are noticeably higher. These performance gains were confirmed by the demo for participants at the WorldDAB General Assembly.

For the Advanced DAB/DAB+ Receiver Product Brief, please click on LN2_DAB_product_brief.

For technical information distributed to WorldDAB General Assembly Exhibition participants about the methods used by the Advanced DAB/DAB+ Receiver hardware and software demo, please click on WorldDAB Demo Notes.


Photo Credit: WorldDAB