McLean, Virginia (May 02, 2017) – – Mark Fowler, LN2 DB, LLC’s Chairman and Former FCC Chairman, discusses the Revitalization of AM Radio.

LN2’s Mark Fowler discusses the proposed FCC rulemaking MD Docket No. 13-249, “Revitalization of the AM Radio Service” in an article for As a former FCC Chairman under President Ronald Reagan, Mr. Fowler is uniquely qualified to weigh in on this issue.

The goal of the FCC’s proposed rulemaking is to “revitalize the AM broadcasting service through rule changes and the use of FM translator (repeater) stations by AM broadcasters.”

Mr. Fowler argues that the interference protections offered to Class A stations under the existing FCC rules are illusory, and a shift in focus to a “pro-service” versus an “anti-interference” agenda is necessary to modernize AM Radio. Agreeing with comments to the notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) by The Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers, Mr. Fowler suggests that the FCC should devise a new rulemaking that takes into account the actual nighttime interference levels of clear-channel Class A stations, which better reflects their actual desired/undesired signal ratios. These proposed changes would improve local nighttime service for other classes of stations as well as for Class A stations that employ directional antennas, without jeopardizing the interference protections Class A stations already receive.

Please read Mr. Fowler’s complete article here.